August 5, 2023

You Could Say Today Was A Charcuterie Board of Events

Last day of the sesh calls for a whole bunch of goodness. We started the day off juuuuuuust right, but snuggling some alpacas! They were so soft and snuggly, so our smiles were on bright mode. Then a group of us went to the Flying Horses carousel and Dairy Queen, and the other half chose to take their dairy back at camp by making charcuterie boards with the charcuterie queen Emmy Rener, aka the business owner of Sophisticated Spreads. The salami rivers and fruit to cheese ratios were professional level and we even got to share with our friends for lunch. Then we all gathered back at camp for a delicious lunch and to get our bathing suits on for the beach! One last beach trip with this crew was so bittersweet. We were so happy to be there and fully know that we have had such incredible times this session, but of course we're a little sad that we have to wait another year to be back on State Beach with this session 3 bunch. But we have awesome times ahead! Right? Right!

After beach we had dinner back at camp, took a trip to the costume cabin, and made our way to the studio for the dance! We cut a rug (still unclear what that means, but it sounds awesome) with our friends and got to dance to all of our favorite songs. What a day! We're off to bed because we're headed to the boat tomorrow, but we love and appreciate you and we'll see you all for session 4!



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