May 27, 2024

You Better Work Weekend

Blog is back in action babe because we just finished up with work weekend 2024! First off, we want to thank EVERYONE for all of their help and energy this weekend. Whether you were here, reached out to help, waved us along while driving around town, or sent well wishes for the weekend, it's all part of getting camp up and running! The folks who were at camp this weekend worked so hard and got so much work done. Whether it was planting new flowers, setting up the kitchen, making sure the cabins are all stocked, hammocks hung up, leaves blown, vans cleaned, celebrating Molly and Rachel's birthday, or testing out the Flying Horses, it was a group effort in the best way! Special shoutout to Morty for making sure we were all filled with Backdoor Donuts by the end of the weekend.

And now camp is ready for our first (and brand new!) June Family Camp Session coming up in just a couple short weeks!

We can't express in words how incredible it feels to be back to the energy and magic of camp and we can't wait to enjoy all the goodness that will be Summer 2024. Here we come, we're ready.



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