May 28, 2023

Work Hard, Play Hard, That's How We Do Work Weekend

First blog of SUMMER '23!! Missed us?? We sure missed you! When the Summer session is in full swing, we'll have a lovely blog for you every day, but for now, just wanted to pop in for a Work Weekend Edition! Our work weekend crew was a solid mix of volunteers who are connected to the Jabberwocky community in many different ways! Counselors, campers, directors, cooks, families, and friends of Camp, all coming together to help get camp out of the Winter and into the Summer! Whether it was setting up the kitchen, wiping down chairs, moving furniture, or making sure the Celtics grabbed Game 6 at the buzzer, no task was too big for this crew! We're so so grateful to everyone who came to lend a hand and can't wait for the Summer to begin. Now please enjoy the pics from this love fest of a weekend!



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