July 27, 2023

When Life Gives You Biplanes, Fly 'Em

Heyooooo Thursday people! Hope you're thriving, because we sure are! We began our day with some of us flying over Martha's Vineyard on our own personal Jabberfleet (aka biplanes that are also red.) The rest of us were back at camp participating in an awesome class lineup. Today on the class menu was spa treatment, dog hang+play, basketball, archery, theater, and cookie baking. It was so solid, it was almost unbelievable. Then we ate some lunch and went off to the beach for another typical beach day, hanging with friends while breathing in the fresh ocean breeze. What could be bettah.

Then we were ready for showers and din back at camp (taco night bebe!) and we finished the day with an evening walk into town for ice cream from Mad Martha's. Such a classic Summer day. As they kinda all are, but like especially today. Okay, Chris B's night time story part 2 has ended , so now we get to dream of all of us emerging from the ground in black slime. Cooooool! Goodnight dear gooey good people.



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