August 15, 2023

What's Cook IN, Good Lookin?

Last Tuesday of our normal camp sesh, aka last "cookout" of normal sesh! That happened fast, didn't it? Well, today was a little different than our TTs (typical Tuesdays), let us explain. Sooooo we got up, had some brekki, and cleaned our cozy cabins. After that, we jumped right into some classes! Classes today were tie dyeing, basketball, beading, and massage. All stellar choices. After classes we ate our delicious lunch and took a rest. Typically we'd head to the beach after rest for a cookout and drumming on the beach, but today it was very windy and cold after some morning showers, so we were happy switching it up a bit to a cook IN and dance party! We had burgers, hot dogs, and s'mores right here at our very own camp and then headed down to the studio to dance the night away with our friends. It was AWESOME! Now that we've basked in the light of the disco ball, we're off to sleep. Another day tomorrow and we're gonna be ready for it.



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