August 4, 2023

We Are Now Members of the Jon Bates Band, Thank You Very Much

Every day is the best, but today was the BEST. We began our day with half our crew heading to Misty Meadows to ride horses and the other half doing some incredible classes back at camp. Classes were archery, basketball, singing, and library trip. Like so fun, it's nearly impossible to accomplish this level of goodness. Then we all had lunch and rest. After our eyeballs were reset, we tested them to the max by taking the legendary bus picture. Since we were already right by the bus, we felt it best to load up and head to the tabernacle for a picnic and to listen to the music of The Jon Bates Band. It was honestly the best thing ever. We even bumped into the Vineyard Sound and heard them sing! What an incredible evening of musical greatness. The vibes were impeccable today and we are going to bed feeling over the moon filled with love. We hope you are too.



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