July 28, 2022

Thriving Thursday

Today was a claaaaaaasic Jabb day and honestly it hit just right. As it always does. We started the day with an incredible class lineup. We got our cardio in with disc golf, our culinary touch perfected with dirt in a cup, and our artistic juices flowing with pet rock making and bubble art. Some of us even went down to Owen Park to catch some crabs!

After fueling up with some delicious lunch, we headed to the beach to enjoy the sunny day and cool off in the water. Once we decided we had enough sand between our toes and fingers were just pruney enough, we came back to camp for yet another incredible meal. I mean, the food at camp is just unreal and we wish that we could send you flavors through the computer, but sorry! (not sorry..) Anyway, after dinner we prepped for Illumination Night and took a walk around camp to see what all our cabins had come up with. And we did NOT disappoint! The cabins were decorated to perfection! We finished our walk back at Side Window Donuts (get it?) to have our traditional tasty treat before heading to bed.

We're off to rest before our last full day, so we'll see you tomorrow!



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