July 31, 2022

The Sun on this SUNday was Next Level Bright (which might have had something to do with our glowing smiles)

First full day of the sesh in the books and boy was it a cheerful one! We started the day with classes to get our artistic juices flowing and some of us even attended our first writing workshop of the week. Needless to say, we're artsy. We filled our whole morning with art, so by the time we had had lunch, it was time to go to the beach! So we loaded up the big red bus (and vans, but like not as flashy) and landed at the beach in a way that can only be described as professional beach bummage aka we did it to the fullest.

After being the beachiest camp at the beach, we headed home for fajitas and Studio Night! Some of us danced, some of us sang, some of us put on skits and jokes and we all filled the studio with cheers for our friends. Anyone have America's Got Talent connects because Jabberwocky's got some SERIOUS talent! Jk we don't need a tv show to tell us that, we already know it in our bones.

Anyway, we're off to bed to dream of what tomorrow brings. See you mañana!



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