July 30, 2023

The One Where They ALMOST Played Little Mermaid at the Band Concert

Last day of the first week of Session 3! Did you just follow that? It was sooooo lovely and after the hot hot hot day this week, today was eaaaaasy like Sunday morning. This morning's classes were fairy house making, henna/temporary tatts, writing workshop, crunch wrap making, and basketball. Some of us also tuned in to the Jabberwebby bookclub or took a trip to church. After we all gathered back together for lunch, we set off to the beach for floating in boats and chatting on the sand. We had to head back to camp though to celebrate Steph's birthday with BBQ and cake and top it all off with the band concert in Ocean Park. We marched around the gazebo and sat in the grass to listen to the beautiful sounds of the marching band. We've been pumped for the band concert ever since it got rained out last time we wanted to go and it did not disappoint! A glorious first week and we're ready for the next!



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