August 4, 2022

And the Marathon of Fun Winners are....ALL OF US TODAY

WOW, last day of the sesh was EVERYTHING. Quite literally did everything. We started the morning with breakfast on the beach and just LOVED it! Honestly, we feel like the least amount of sand entered our meal and that's a WIN! Bellies full and fish mode activated was essentially the gist of the morning. But obvi we had to make the most of it since it was the last beach day with this crew. Sad, but also don't cry because it's over, slash around because it's happening. That's the saying, right?

When we got back to camp, it was a marathon of fun! We had showers, lunch, packed, and THEN the Vineyard Sound boys visited us to serenade us. And that wasn't even halfway through the marathon of fun, like whaaaaat? After we vibing with some live tunes, we headed to classes, dinner, gratitude circle, and final dance and writing performance in the studio! You follow?? By the time we went to bed, we thought that breakfast on the beach must have been two days ago. It feels so long ago! But like also really close to our hearts. It's just such a paradox, isn't it. Thankfully we love each other and could literally do this every day, but unfortch we just have to wait until next year. And like Zach said today, this is family. A little remeniscent of the Olive Garden slogan, but you probably weren't thinking that before we said it, so forget we said it.

We're off to bed aka the finish line of the marathon of fun. Closed eyes, full hearts, can't lose.



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