June 27, 2022

The day we have all been waiting for!!!

We have been waiting 305 days for these smiles and hugs!

What A Day! After greeting everyone at the ferry in Woods Hole, we jumped on the boat and headed to Martha's Vineyard. We headed up to camp to get settled in and have some yummy lunch (thank you Hudson) after a busy morning of travel. Then we kicked off DAY ONE with a bang! On this beautiful sunny day, we needed to go to the beach so we all loaded up on the bus and spent the afternoon taking in the sun and cooling off in the ocean. Once we were nice and cool, we came home, showered, and had the best dinner (thank you David and Jane). But no no the fun wasn't over yet....we loaded the big red bus again and headed to the bandstand in Ocean Park in OB for some live music. We got home after dark, cozied up on our beds, and got all the rest we needed to jump into DAY TWO.

Just wait until you see what tomorrow has in store.

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