August 23, 2023

Thank you thank you thank you x 1000

Wowza people! A whole Summer of love, friendship, family-ship (just accept it as a word), and warmth up the wazoo. We'd like to take a moment to send our deep gratitude to everyone who made their way to camp this Summer. Whether you've called camp home for a while or joined this group of magical humans this Summer, we love you. The English language makers did not create a word to describe how grateful we are, so for now we'll start by saying thank you. Thank you.

We are so thankful for all of you who showed up just as you are. Campers, volunteers, medical staff, kitchen staff, and so many more. Your joy, energy, and warmth is everything.

Lastly, thank you to our Jabberbloggies (are we on board with this? Kinda like Swifties but different, right?)! Thank you to everyone reading the blog, sending love, and supporting from afar. We see you and we truly feel your positive vibes from wherever you're sending them from.

This is not goodbye, it's see you soon. And if you are back this weekend to follow along for Family Camp, then we'll see you veeeery soon.

All the love imaginable,


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