July 8, 2024

Session 2, What a Crew!

Well fancy seeing you back here again! Brand spankin' new crew for this brand spankin' new week. Same old blog, so don't you worry none. Now let's get to today.

First day of the sesh means ferry rides galore. Even with a little delay of the ferry, we still made it to meet our friends over in Woods Hole and hop right back on to the ferry for Vineyard Haven. When we reached dry land (how the ship people say made it to our stop), we picked up our luggage and marched up to camp for some covid test and lunch (always good to congratulate yourself with a meal post covid test). After lunch we went to the lovely A/C of our cabins to unpacked, rest, and nest. Some of us unpacked fast enough to spend some time on the art porch or to head to Owen Park for crabbing. Once we were all good and ready, we went to Featherstone to enjoy the sweet sounds of the Jon Bates Band (fun fact: a member of the band is a mother of a Jabberwocky camper!) and eat delish meatball subs for dinner. Dancing was danced and the cool evening air after a hot day was appreciated.

After the band played their last song, we drove back to camp to get all tucked in. First sleep of the session is bound to be a great one and we can't wait for what tomorrow will hold. Love you lots.



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