July 29, 2023

Reserve a Spot on Hollywood Boulevard, Because We Are STARS BABAY!

Today was a day of journeying from flower pickers and town explorers to stage performers like no other. Let us explain. So we started our day with a choice moment (as you know, we loooove those) and chose between heading into town for a little coffee and shop time, flower picking at Ghost Island Farm, or having a lovely morning beach time. A great choice lineup as always. Then we came back to camp for lunch and had classes in the afternoon! Kinda a reverse of our typical day flow, turned it on it's head in fact! Our classes today were tie dye, water fight, hair salon, karaoke, and chocolate cookie making. Dick even temporarily dyed his beard, combining the tie dying and hair salon classes quite nicely.

Then, before dinner, Dick hosted a happy hour with not one, not two, but THREE different mocktails! It was delicious and a lovely way to transition into our evening. After happy hour, we had some dinner and went down to the studio for STUDIO NIGHT!!!!!!! What a highlight! It amazes us that even though we know how talented our friends are, we are still blown away by everyone's performances. We're headed to dream of a world where we can have studio night every night of the year, so stay tuned.



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