August 11, 2022

Rain Rain Come Our Way (That's how it goes, right?)

RAIN ON ME!!! We think that's what the sky thought we were asking for today and gladly obliged. But honestly, the sky knows us better than we know ourselves because the rain was JUST what we needed and the day was splendid. We started our day with some great classes, making fairy homes, pet rocks, and embarking on a camp scavenger hunt. The rain only made everything more colorful! After lunch, we decided some cozy movie and nap time was in order, so some of us found our way to our beds and others watched Queen Elsa save the enchanted forest.

Once Elsa won in the Frozen-sphere, we decided it was time for us to do a little winning in some cabin challengeeeeee! And guess what! Everyone is a WINNER!!! Did you know? Then we ended our evening with a COOK IN! Since we figured the sand would be a little too damp for our bottoms, we decided to bring drumming to us and have our cookout at camp. Our own little Rick and Jude concert! It was a delight. Anyway, we're off to bed. See you tomorrow!



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