August 9, 2023

Planes, Lanes, and Automo-Goats

Another day, another bowler. We realllllly made the most of the gorgeousness of this day by living our lives to the fullest. We began our day by either going to the goat farm, the biplanes. or the bowling alley. All amazing adventures and real personality picks. Goat farm people got some snuggles and music making in, biplanes folks made sure the island was looking fiiiine from above, and the bowlers made sure all pins were equally knocked down. We all then regrouped back at camp for lunch and rest before yet another choice moment! Some of us wanted to splash around so we went to the beach, and some wanted to shop around, so those folks went into town. Then we all had a lovely dinner back at camp and had our last choice moment of the day! Some of the crew went to community sing-a-long in Oak Bluffs and some of the crew stayed back to do art and digest with friends. Choice day, hoohaha! We have an incredible day planned for tomorrow, so we're off to bed to prep our eyes and souls for what's to come. We'll show ya when we've done it!



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