August 13, 2023

No Sunday Scaries Over Here! (But if you are experiencing Sunday scaries, it's okay, we're here for you, feel ya feels)

Today was off the charts! We started our day with a post-breakfast sing-a-long and some classes (fyi we know our day starts when we wake up, but does it reaaaaally start before we've had a full plate of eggs?). Classes today were singing, beading, and tie-dying. So artsy of us. After classes we got into our bathing suits, so that we could go right to lunch and then straight to the beach! We had some rain last night, so the water was super warm and lovely (is that what happens after it rains? We're just pretending to know that's why). After the beach we went back to camp for showers and dinner and then headed back out for a lovely night in Oak Bluffs, marching to the Band Concert and grabbing ice cream in town. It was such a lovely day and we're ready for a little shut eye. Off to rest and we'll check ya tomorrow!



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