August 1, 2023

Marching to the Beat of our Own Drum(ming on the Beach)

As you obvi know by now, Summer Tuesday's means Drummer Tuesdays means burgers on the beach! But once again, we're jumping to the end, so let's take it from the top. We began our day with art, making collaborative pillow cases and some flower lantern jars. It was an immediate gratification kind of art day because the things we made today, we got to take right back to our cabins. After arting it up, we went to lunch and rest and then BEAAAACH! We had some time to flop on the paradise pad and lounge with friends before the sounds of drums and smells of hot diggety dogs entered the scene. We ate and wiggled our hips until the sun set (which was unreal gorg by the by) and headed home for showers and bed. Sleep is calling, so we're gonna answer the call. Night night!



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