July 10, 2024

Live from MV, it's STUDIO NIGHT!

What a day, what a day, what a day, what a mighty fine day! We started off with brekki (obvi) and this morning we had apple crumble added to the menu. Delish! After breaking the fast, we went in to Jabberday Live to share some announcements and songs. When our vocal chords were awoken, it was time for classes. Today's classes were crabbing, bracelet making, nail salon, and prepping for studio night. We loved them all.

After class it was time to refuel with lunch (not the crabs we got in case you were wondering) and share with the rest of the crew what our classes were like this morning. Then we had some time to rejuvenate and get into our bathing suits before it was time to leave camp and head to the beach. Today was the perfect day to be at the beach, such a good breeze so we could enjoy the sun with some water to cool us off. Needless to say, the swim was swum.

And when we had our fill it was back to camp for showers and dinner and then STUDIO NIGHT! This studio night was as epic as you would expect. We had singing, we had dancing, we had Elvis sock puppets, we had Big Papi home run reenactments, and more! We might as well just show you the pics now, right? Okay off to bed with us and off to enjoy pics with you.



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