June 28, 2024

Like Breakfast On the Beach (Taylor's Version)

Heyo! Today was fantastic and we're not just saying that, like it was unreal. This morning we switched it up and got dressed in our suits from the get because for breakfast we headed to Breakfast on the Beach! Just call us the breakfast club because we're hanging like fast friends (but not in detention obvi, the absolute opposite). We ate some delish food and kept the sand out of our eggs like it was our job. Nothing like sipping a coffee and watching the waves. After we ate and let our tummies settle a bit, some of us went in the water and some had a little snuggly beach moment. It was beautiful.

When we were all beached out we went back to camp for showers and a late lunch. After lunch it was time to rest and pack for those of us who are headed out tomorrow. After the beach morning, we were more than ready for some rest time. Hammocks were laid in, beds were laid on, and swings were swung. When we were all good and rested, we went to some evening classes. This evening was acting class with Felicia and jewelry making with Kaila. After class it was time for dinner and then to head out to the "SHARKS!" (please read in Seth's voice). We had ice cream, ran the bases, and had a 5th inning dance off. Epic to say the least. Of course with our energy there, the Sharks won and we could go home feeling like the winners we already are.

Tomorrow we're saying goodbye to a few of our friends and welcoming some campers in for week 2! We'll be sure to remember to keep you updated while we're having the time of our lives.



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