August 12, 2022

Last Sesh Day, But We Wanna Stay!

We know we keep talking about how much we love each other but we REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER! Like really really. Okay, we know you get it now. But anyway, today was a grand ol' time, as they say. We started our day with charcuterie class by THE charcuterie QUEEN herself. Turns out, we're all charcuterie royalty here, because we NAILED IT! With our fully cheesy bellies, we headed to lunch to just eat more great food.

Then we headed to the beach to enjoy the cool weather and chill people. After the beach, we headed back to camp for showers, Thanksgiving dinner, and Studio Niiiiiiiight!! And boy did we deliver a SHOW! After we all blew it out of the water, we gathered for our closing, gratitude circle and headed to bed. We're off to dream of the magic that this year will bring and start the countdown to next year!


Ps Please enjoy some pics of Kev kissing a horse in his happy place.

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