August 28, 2022

Last Day, Wish we all could Stay!!

On our last full day, we woke up to the smell of yummy muffins in the air and the sound of Taylor Swift’s 22 in our ears – Because it was Chloe’s 22nd Birthday! Happy Birthday, Chloe! After filling our bellies and singing birthday cheers, we headed for the deep blue sea on the Mad Max catamaran! Some of us enjoyed laying on the front of the boat and soaking in the sun, while others relaxed and played games in the boat’s cabin. 

When we arrived back at camp, we chowed down on our BLT’s and prepared for Camp Jabberwocky’s First Annual Family Olympics!!! We were split up into four teams; Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. The opening ceremony with a torch and ribbons started us off. The team spirit was initiated with a timed trip to the costume cabin to dress up our teammates. With only 10 minutes to spare, each team scrambled to dress for the opening fashion show. The official Olympic Events were:  Tissue Grab, Raining Gold Fish, Not “My” Hands Makeup Tutorials, Melt My Shirt, and a Relay Race.  We have some true competitors here at camp, catch us ALL getting Gold Medals because we’re allll champions! 

After fueling up some more (being Olympic champs takes a lot of energy), some of us took a stroll into town for some ice cream and retreated back to camp for a movie night. The rest of us rode down to the Beach Road Music Festival where we watched Wilco play as the sun set, and danced the night away for one final outing with our friends and families. Upon returning to camp, we ate a second round of Backdoor Donuts (we <3 donuts) and reflected on the weekend in our closing gratitude circle.

Everyone came to camp as individual families, but we are all leaving here as one big family full of so much love and happiness. Counting down the days already ‘til we’re together again! 



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