July 29, 2022

Last Day of the Sesh, One of the Besht

We had an incredible day, but you probably already knew that because we're here at camp of course! We started our day unlike any other with breakfast on the BEACH! Wowza, frittatas and blow up boats go together like pb&j, ya know? We lathered up in sunscreen, filled our bellies with delicious food, and headed into the water for a fabulous beach morning. Some of us were having so much fun, we even had our lunch on the beach! But others decided we had our fill of the waves and needed a little more campy vibes for lunch.

After lunch, we packed our clothes, took a little rest, and had some classes! Myles taught poetry class and Al taught archery. Incredible lineup, if we do say so ourselves. After a delicious Thanksgiving (in July) dinner, we headed to the studio for an incredible Studio Night filled with singing, dancing, acting, and MORE! How is everyone so talented??

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go (not really ready to go mentally, but it's in the lyrics) and we're off to bed! See you (some of you for real!) tomorrow!



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