July 18, 2022

Killin' in the Kayaks

If you were looking at the weather today and thought that a little afternoon rain would stop us from having another incredible day, you are sorely mistaken honey. There is no stopping this train of enthusiasm! We started the day with a calming, meditative sound bath to get us centered in our minds and bodies. Then we headed to classes for art projects, book club, and music making. And as if that wasn't enough, after lunch we loaded up the vans and headed to Long Point Beach for some pizza and kayaking. It was so much fun and we spent the whole evening there, playing in the sand and paddling away. When we headed back to camp we were ready for showers and sleep (and a Shirley Temple for Shirley). We're off to catch some ZZZs, but check out our pics and we'll see you tomorrow!



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