August 1, 2022

It's Raining Fun, Hallelujah, It's Raining Fun! - The Weather Girls

A little rain has truly never stopped us and today was no different. Did it make us even better? Was it magical raindrops falling from the sky making us love each other even more? Stranger things have happened!

We started our day with a late wake up to have some extra time listening to the rain on our windowsill and being cozy. With some extra rest, we were ready to hit the ground running with some classes after breakfast. We did pottery, painted nails, frisbee golfed, and made apples better by adding chocolate and caramel. And a few of us had our second day of writing workshop. Needless to say, a lot was happening. After lunch, a few of us made our way to the beach to just quickly see if it was wet enough, while the rest of us cozied up to watch the new Jumanji and await our beachy friends to hear the beach wetness verdict.

By the time dinner rolled around, we were all ready to get into our pj's, eat yummy food, wish Hannah and Liza happy birthdays, and have a sing-a-long! Best rainy evening ever! When life gives you rainy days, make lemonade.

We're going to bed, thanks for reading, see you tomorrow <3



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