June 26, 2024

It's Day Four and We Got A Buncha Stuff to Shore (Share, but Shore Rhymes)

Happy hump day, we did a heap of a lot of goodness today and we want to tell you all about it! We started the day with breakfast, as one typically does, and then Jabberday Live, as few typically do besides us. Then we were all full awake and ready for a morning of fantastic classes! For classes today Kayla taught hip hop dance, David taught nature walk and drawing, and Maggie taught comedy class. It was such an array! Then we met back for lunch to share what we had learned and eat to our tummy's satisfaction.

After lunch some of us went to the beach while others headed into town for a little stroll, some shopping, and some coffee shop sips and sits. Some of us even made our way over to Mad Martha's for ice cream. Who would have thought! Then we went back to camp to hang, rest, and shower before dinner and sunset in Aquinnah. Though it was a bit cloudy (with a chance of meatballs) we had a grand old time. Okay, it was not only cloudy (with a chance of meatballs), but we were quite literally in a cloud. It was so cool and like we were traveling abroad to the misty hills. We had some yummy dessert and made our way back to camp for bed. We're sleeping like the rocks we saw on David's nature walk class, so we'll check back in tomorrow.

Loads of love,


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