August 3, 2022

It Would Be Perfect If Goats Had Humps Since We Pet Them On Hump Day (aka today!)

On Wednesday's we play music and pet goats. That's what the Mean Girls quote says, right? Regardless, we did that and more today! We started the day visiting our goat friends and playing them some music just in case they felt like their same old baaaaaahs were getting a little old. And we needed a little goat snuggling anyway.

After that we headed back to camp for lunch and a little rest before heading to the beach to splash around and cool off from the heat. Also maybe to wash the goat perfume off of us...? When we were ready for dinner, we headed back to camp for showers and din din and then to decorate camp for Illumination Night! When the sun headed to sleep, we were ready to frolic around camp and check out everyone's art. As if today wasn't sweet enough, we ended our night with an ice cream party for the cherry on top. Though we didn't put any cherries atop our sundaes lol.

We're off to bed with full bellies and hearts. See you tomorrow!



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