July 17, 2022

Illuminated Lanterns, Illuminated Smiles (No but Really)

No joke, today was unreal! We started the day with breakfast on the beach. Like how lucky are we?? It was such a gorgeous day that we had to stay for the whole morning. But as we know, extremely fun beach time can poop you out, so we had to eventually head back for lunch and rest. Once we were fully rested and ready to rumble, we finished up making our lanterns and prepped for the sun to set. Then it was time for Illumination Night! Camp was transformed into a fairytale wonderland and we walked around, hand in hand, marveling at our own artsmanship and creativity. Then, we made it back to the main cabin to finish our walk at Side Door Donuts, the Vineyards new best spot to get yourself those famous Backdoor Donuts we know and love. With tummies and hearts full, we are now ready to hit the hay and dream of what greatness tomorrow will be. See you back here tomorrow to report back on all that greatness.



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