July 26, 2023

Humpday Elements to Make a Great Day: Goats, Bowling and Blow Up Boats

First off we just want to address the elephant in the room and say that we know we didn't rhyme our title with the number of the day. A sincere apology to anyone who expected their blog reading to begin with a rhyme. We get it. But that's just the way we liked it today. Okay that's it for housekeeping, let's get to our day.

We started the day off with an epic choice moment between bowling or going to the goat farm. Honestly, whichever one we chose was a personality pick moment. Bowl a strike or have a baby goat fall asleep on your lap. Which of these epic choices would you choose? After our solid morn, we gathered back at camp for lunch, rest, and beach time. Even after yesterday's cookout/beach extravaganza, we still had time to room for more sand in our toes. It was a classic beach day, bathing in the ocean and laying out on our towels. After that, we traveled back for showers, a big fat greek dinner, and a sing-a-long with Back Door Donuts to top it all off. Phew! What a day! And you know what, a full day means a full sleep. So we're off to dream land!


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