August 11, 2023

Hip Hip FriYAY, Hip Hip FriYAY!!

Okay, so classic campy camp day and we are so very here for it. After brekki, we started our activities of the day with either classes or by going to Misty Meadows to ride and pet some horses. Classes back at camp were paper mache bowls, slime making, and archery. And what do those three things have in common? We all loved doing all of them! Then we ate some yummy lunch and got our suits on for the beach. Friday is a popular day to get beachin', so we were in the same vibey beachy flow as the rest of the island. After beach, we returned to camp for showers and din. After dinner, some of us sat by the fire, or baked cookies, or went to West Chop to catch the sunset. Then we all made it back to camp for ice cream sundae bar goodness to seal of the classic camp vibes. In line with classic camp fashion, we're cabin cozy and bed layin'. So we'll chat with ya tomorz.



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