June 7, 2024

Hey JUUUUUUUNE, Don't Make It Bad (and we're most def not making it bad, in fact we're making it gooooooood)

HEY WE'RE OFFICIALLY BACK BABY! Our first ever June Family Camp is underway and we're loving having such great energy back at camp. We've got such a solid crew of first time Jabberwocky-ers and returning peeps in our families and volunteer crew this weekend, so we're all feeling super jazzed to be here! Our family crew left their homes early in the morning to make it to the ferry stop and everyone made it ON TIME! Can you believe it? Fun fact for all of our step-counters, sometimes the vibration of the ship give you extra steps. So needless to say, our steps were elevated to the next level today. And that's where our story for the day starts.

We started the day by setting sail and meeting our families in Woods Hole. What a rush! Then we all headed back to arrive at camp with glowing faces to get settled in our cabins. After making our beds and nesting in our weekend homes, we made it back to the main cab for some Fam Flags and introductions. We got to know each other a LOT better and made some awesome connections. Spoiler alert, Soph and Molly are both big barney stans (trying new lingo). After getting to know each other, it was time for spaghetti and meatballs. And it was gooooood. After dinner, we grabbed some delicious homemade cookies and made our way to First Friday at Owen Park with live music, yummy popsicles, and beach snuggles. When our eyelids were droopy and we were drifting into dream state, we headed back to camp to head to bed and rest for tomorrow. Sweet dreams sweet blogsters. We'll see you tomorrow.



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