August 8, 2023

Here Comes The Sun, Da Da Da Da

First day of Session 4 and what a day it was! We started by reuniting with all our old friends after everyone rolled in to the VH ferry stop. Now, if you were anywhere near Martha's Vin today, you'd know that the rain came DOWN! Mother Earth was letting it ouuuuuut today and we were honestly happy for her. Some of us loved it so much that we even decided we still wanted to walk back to camp rather than take the vans. Cleansing moments are not discouraged here at camp and we totally get the traditional significance of the walk back to camp.

Anyway, after we got to camp we had some lunch and nested in our cabins before heading to the beach for *DRUM roll please........* drumming on the beach! The morning rain could not deter us from our Tuesday night tradition of burgers and drums, not a bit. We had some delicious food paired with lovely drumming because first night is a little more special if you're on the beach. When we were tummies full, we went back to camp for showers and bedtime. First bedtime of the session means tons of snuggles to get all cozy and get the cabin energy and juju just right. Now that we're all snuggled and the good juju has seeped into the walls of the cabin, we're ready for rest. See you tomorrow!



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