July 3, 2024

Goats and 'yaks!

Key word to describe today: perfection. Wanna know why? Keep reading!

This morning after a classically lovely breakfast, we all hit the road and arrived at the lovely Native Earth Teaching Farm to meet the new baby goats of the summer. They were so snuggly and happy to see us. We got to hold them and pet them, and they soon came to understand the Jabberwocky love. Once we decided the goats had received all the love they could handle for the day, we walked down to Rick's drum hut and became a full camp band. Picture a garage band practicing for their big gig but not in a garage and we don't actually have a gig to practice for. Like that.

After we played to our heart's extent, we drove on back to camp to refuel with lunch and rest and then it was time for parade prep to make sure we are all set for tomorrow. And set we are! We then hopped back on the bus and went to the beach for the final Session 1 beach trip. Because we wanted to bask in the beach for as long as we could, we brought out the kayaks and had some pizza dinner out on State Beach. The evening was pure magic. When back at camp we took some night showers and put our jammies on. Tomorrow is a big day, so we're off to dream about how we'll wave to our fans tomorrow. Maybe see you there! Either way, we'll see you back here.



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