September 4, 2022

Go Big AND Go Home

WOW WOW WOW!! We're fully filling our cups to the fullest. The feeling of bathing in the magic that is Family Camp 2 is beyond words, but we shall try because we want you all to bathe with us. The weather was *chef's kiss* and what do we do on a beautiful day? We go on a catamaran! Doi! Setting sail with our fams was glorious and some of us even got to lead the way with driving the boat.

After the boat, we headed back to camp for lunch and choice time. Some of us headed into town to go crabbing, shopping, and hanging and some took the time to rest after such a fun filled morning. Well rested as ever, we gathered again to eat a FANTASTIC crab cake feast before heading to OB to rock out to the Black-Eyed Susans with a Back Door Donut in one hand and a kite handle in the other. And to top it all off, we headed to the Flying Horses for the private carousel ride of a lifetime.

When we got back to camp, we were so filled with love and gratitude that we gathered in the screened in porch to share our highlights and loving thoughts before bed. We're now off to sleep and snuggle in the cabins one last time before heading out tomorrow morning.

We love you and we're grateful for this home. Goodnight and sweet dreams family.



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