June 27, 2023

Full Day One aka Full Day FUN!

Okay WOW. This day was off the charts full of greatness! We started the morning with a delicious breakfast to fuel us for a morning of classes. We sang some karaoke, dipped some rice crispy treats, and glazed some pots. It was phenomenal. Then we ate some lunch and headed to the beach! A few of us ditched the beach crew and went on an awesome sailboat excursion. With wind in our sails and our hair (and beneath our wings), we were smooooth sailing. Get it?

Anyway, we all got back to camp after our respective water activities, cleaned our bods, and filled our bellies with yummy food. Then we were ready for Studio Night! Honestly, this might have been the most epic Studio Night we've ever created. The talent in this crew is beyond, not that it's shocking, but it does make for a STELLAR studio night. This explanation will not do the event justice, but we had singing (notes were hit), acting (people were entranced), and dancing (hips were shook). Needless to say, we're off to bed beaming with pride. Camp is camping, you know?


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