August 18, 2023

Friday Night and The Lights Are Lowwwwww

Well that was a fantastic day. Wanna hear about it? We started off with either breakfast here at camp ooooooor if you were in Tulgey, Slithey, or Mome, you were at Black Dog for a special treat off camp breakfast this morning. Either way, all of us were eating the best of the best. After breakfast it was time for classes, which today were monkey bread making, spa hairdresser aka decide your prom look, or pet rocks. All of which were off the charts. Then we had lunch and the sky decided it was time to open up a tad and shower us with love (and rain). But that's okay because we were looking for a little cleansing, so we rested a bit and then headed to the studio aka the movie theater for the afternoon for a special viewing of Mamma Mia! We've got quite a few Abba fans in the house, but like who isn't, so it was a fun time to say the least.

Then we had some din din, got all gussied up, and made our way back to the studio, which was now transformed into a dance studio, for PROM!! We were glamming it UP tonight and cutting a rug for the last prom of the Sum. Wow can you believe it? Anyway, time to rest for our big race day tomorrow. Who's coming to cheer us on? If you didn't just say "me!!", not to worry, we'll show you the pics after OBVI.



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