August 27, 2023

Flying Kites, Flying Horses, Flying By the Seat of Our Pants

Hi Jabberfolx! We know it's your favorite time of day. Don't worry, baby. Sit down, grab a mug of coffee or hot coco, and listen up. Because we had ourselves A DAY!

Are you ready?

We woke up and chowed down on some egg bake and fresh fruit. (Thanks Patty, we love ya to the moon and back!) What was CRAZY about breakfast is that we were eating it in our bathing suits. Why do you ask? Because "10AM" translates to "beach" in German. Just kidding! But, yeah, we so had a gorgeous morning on the beach.

Boston worked on his base tan, Alex found some gorgeous seashells, Morty and Nguyen went for a swim, Bella did some people-watching. And then, as if this day wasn't already special enough, some Jabberwockians took an excursion to the Jaws Bridge. Since this is fam camp, some dads jumped off the bridge. That's right, kids, it's not too late for your dad to be the next Michael Phelps.

The beach was SOOOO much fun that we were a little late to lunch (sorry Patty). But, boy, were we ready to chow down on the assortment of sandwiches that this lovely team had whipped up for us. There was roast beef, there was chicken salad, there was lasagna imported from Italy (by which I mean the main cabin), there was chicken noodle freaking noddle soup....and, boy, were our souls warmed up.

By the way, today was Hellcat's birthday. You know we had to celebrate the legend herself so we sang HBD and ate cookie brownies as our lunch dessert. (By the way, next time you see John Lamb, you should run around him in circles. Inside joke, ya just had to be there).

After our souls were warmed by soup, we soothed our souls with a sound bath. Some of us were so soothed we even fell asleep for a little bit. 

No day at Camp Jabberwocky would be complete without classes. Emily made sure we had a second dessert and taught everyone how to make rice krispee treats. Paul brought the ick factor and we all made some slime. EWWWW. JK, it was awesome! Asa was giving some serious stud energy as he showed everyone how to shoot a bow and arrow. Thanks to all our teachers for being so slay.

We had some much deserved R&R and then we loaded up for a second night of live music. (We just can't help ourselves, we're obsessed!) In OB, we listened to The Black Eyed Susans, but weirdly we didn't see Fergie there. Where is the love? Right with us, baby! We ate some gorgeous protein bowls (we're talking chicken, we're talking vegetables, we're talking rice) on our beach chairs and blankets.

We flew kites. Everyone crushed it! We had Backdoor Donuts for our third desserts — sorry, Leigh! Then, we went to the flying horses and we all caught a bunch of rings, just like in the Dispatch song.

Before bed, we had a gratitude circle. Do you know what we're grateful for, dear reader? That's right, it's you — you adorable little fool.

We love ya so much we literally have to pull ourselves away from the keyboard to say goodbye.



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