June 9, 2024

First Family Camp of the Season and First June Family Camp of Ever, We Love You A Whole Lot

Well well well, as we know the first hellos of the season also come with first goodbyes. And that's okay because the goodbyes are really just see you laters. But we made sure to make the most of our last day of family camp before heading out. This morning, after a fantastic breakfast, some of us went out and about to do a nature walk at Felix Neck and others went to walk around Oak Bluffs. Even with a little drizzle, we were still happy campers! Both crews then made their way back to camp for a goodbye circle, where only a few of us managed to not cry. The gratitude we have for this incredible group is unreal. The amount of goodness and love that everyone brought, whether or not they knew what they were getting into, was beyond comprehension. There are no words for how delighted we are that we got to start the summer this way with these incredible families and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

We'll be back with another family camp at the end of August, but catch us in two weeks back here for summer camp session 1! See ya later, alligator.



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