June 23, 2024

First Day, Let's Play!

FUN FUN FUN IS ALL WE HAVE TO SAY! We've been waiting for this day and now it's here! You've been waiting for the blog and now it's here! So let's get to it.

The morning started in the lovely Woods Hole where we all met up to officially begin Session 1 of summer 2024! It was a love fest and a half over there with parents and campers and volunteers reuniting or meeting for the first time. We loved it all. But we were on a mission to not miss the boat back, so we said our goodbyes and set sail back to Vineyard Haven to grab our stuff and march back to camp like the experienced parade marchers that we are. Once we got to camp, it was time for more hugs and some yummy lunch. Unpacking, camp tours, and getting all nested was fully in swing.

Then we got changed into our bathing suits and headed to the beach. First beach trip of the session was glorious! The sky had been looking a little grey in the morning, but we definitely brought the sun to the beach because it was glowing! And we were glowing too. And not just because of the sunscreen. We lounged on the sand, cruised on some blow up boats, and swam around like nobody's business. It was perfection.

When we were ready to head back, we boarded the bus and vans and made our way to camp for showers and a delicious chili dinner. Because we wanted to really seal the day off with a kiss, we headed into OB for the band concert and some dessert. What a way to end our first fantastic day here. And it really was THAT fantastic. The energy is unmatched and the love is just fully flowing. We're so happy, we're so grateful.



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