September 1, 2023

Finally Some Sun... Just In Time For Day One!!!!

It has been a raiiiny (trickle tricle), quiet (shhhh!), lazy (Zzzz) week at Camp Jabberwocky. But we woke up this morning, the sun poked through the clouds (we're talking UV over 7, honey!), and it was time to welcome all of our sesh 2 families!!! Whew, baby, we're so excited to be back in full swing!!!

We unpacked into our cabins and got right back into hanging with all of our friends. Some people got out the Elmers glue and started crafting, some got into a pretty intense game of basketball, and some even baked a sugary cake (sorry, Leigh). But everyone helped themselves to a stacked snack table and loaded fridge — seltzers, Goldfish, Gatorade, Doritos, gummies, Oreos, and, for those with sophisticated palates, granola bars.

On Fridays, Grace Church sells lobster rolls. And oh baby you know we had to induulge. Thank you to the Adie family for suppling us with countless, delicious, buttery lobster rolls. Now our stomachs are as full as our hearts.

One thing about a lobster roll is that it is the perfect appetizer for a big Italian pasta night. The garlic bread was divine, the lasagna was scrumptious, the chickpea salad was lishy (thanks Paul & Isabel & Gabi), and even the roasted vegetables were mouthwatering. That's right, honey, you know we love to eat our veggies! (Patty, you still reading?) We filled up and caught each other up on the highlights of our past years.

After dinner we grabbed our blankets and headed down to Owen Park for their First Friday event! We were running up that hill, we were running up that road, we were running up that building — 80s music fans know what we're talking about! We danced to live music and lay in the sand as we watched the sun set. Cmon, what else could we ask for??? 

The only way you can send yourself to bed is by lighting a fire and getting down into some bean bags with 70 of your favorite people.

Overall, honey, it's a PACKED house at Camp Jabberwocky. We got no vacancies baby. We're talking back-to-back jokes and cuddling and laughter and, you know it's true, love.

XOXO, Mwah, Mwah, Kiss, Kiss, Love,


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