August 25, 2023

Family Shmamily Day One Fun

Okay, so we took a little break for a hot sec — but obvi we're so back, baby!! It's Day 1 of Session 1 of Family Camp, and we're pooping ourselves with excitement. Just kidding! 6 amazing families are back here with us and, together, we make one big Jabb fam!

Anyway, shall we tell ya what we were up to? Don't mind if we do! 

It was raining ALL DAY LONG, but that's never stopped us. Families unpacked and got all snuggly cozy wozy in their cabin. Then we all met in the main cabin and we heard what everyone was up to this past year. Alex graduated from high school! Morty went to Yosemite! Boston is going to Perkins! Anna is living with 2 German girls! Nguyen has been working on the farm and absolutely loving it! Becca and Julia went to Disney, where Bella is gonna be in the fall! O M literally G!

After all these amazing updates, everyone hung out. Some people crafted, Morty took out the trash (thanks Morty, we owe ya one!), Alex went to the costume cabin, and everyone kept busy before it was time to grab their passports and head to Italy for some lasagna. (Just the main cabin, don't fret!) 

Alsooo, there was caprese salad?! Amazing! As if that wasn't enough, Patty made her magic bars and, yes, we can officially tell you: magic is real, friends!

To top off the evening, we had a cabin challenge! Cutest smile went to everyone. Stinkiest feet went to no one. We tried to balance marshamllows, we put oreos on our foreheads and used our face muscles to bring them down to our mouths, Alex did a Scooby Doo impression and no one will ever be the same, Rebecca and Shane danced their hearts out, some tissue boxes went to waste (sorry, Leigh!). Okay, so now a challenge for you: try to look at these photos and not break a smile... or shed a tear of ABSOLUTE JOY.

After this some went to bed and others sat by the fire. But everyone was absolutely loving their cozy evening. And we hope you did too! 


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