August 3, 2023

Eggs By The Ocean

The Beach Boys could never! Well, maybe they do eat breakfast on the beach every now and then, but we did and that's something we know for SURE! We started our day with breakfast on the beach, the literal BEST way to start the day. We had potatoes, sausages, oatmeal bake, french toast bake, and frittatas ON THE BEACH! Iced AND hot coffee! Blueberries AND strawberries! Coco Crispies AND Cheerios! Like, what?? How did we get so incredibly lucky? We didn't even get sand in our food because we're just that amazing. After eating, we took a beat to digest all that greatness before getting into the water for some blow up boat hangs and swimming. When we were ready for lunch, we went back to camp for showers and food. After that, we wanted a little rest time to reset from the beach and hang time back at camp, so we spent the afternoon doing whatever sparked joy! For some it was watching Happy Gilmore, or exploring in town, or making some jewelry, or walking the dogs. That's not even all of it! After all that, we had some dinner and a sing-a-long all together. Wholesome, am I right? And just like that, we're off to sleep states, so we'll chat tomorrow, kk?



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