August 12, 2023

E.T.: Extra Terrestrial or Extra Terrific(al)?

Hi again! Us again.We had a great day today, so we're extra happy you're here to hear about it! We started our day with really special classes and a small crew went to run the Chillmark road race. Classes back at camp were pottery, focaccia making led by Adam and Avery, and Starbucks drink making led by Soph-a-loaf, JB, and Iz. Like awwwwwwesome classes. The focaccia looks absolutely expertly done. Maybe because we're focaccia experts. Did you know that the little dips in focaccia are finger marks? Only some of us did before today... cool right?? Anyway, we had our classes and then we were ready for lunch.

After lunch we got our suits on and went to the beach for a lovely beach trip. But maybe we could have guessed that. After the beach, we came back to camp for showers and dinner and then scooted away one last time of the day for the drive in movie! The movie tonight was E.T. and it surely did not disappoint. We had a mixture of a crew who knew E.T. like the back of their hand and some that were just experiencing it's magic for the first time tonight. Either way, it was the perfect Saturday night event for all. Now that we're E.T. phone HOME again, we're gonna rest up for another day. Peace out cub scouts.



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