July 9, 2024

Drummin' Drummin' and Drummin' Drummin and Drummin' Drummin' and Drummin' Drummin and

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means! It's drumming on the beach day! But that was in the evening, so let's bring it back to the top. We started our day with a nourishing breakfast before heading into the screened in porch for a delightful Jabberday Live. After we were all awake, we headed to morning classes. Today's line up was pottery with Madeline, mad libs with Marianne, and bracelet making with Amy. It was quite a fun time! Classes worked us up a mighty appetite, so we headed to lunch and then had some time to rest and reset or hang out and have some hobby time.

When it was time for the next big activity, we got in our bathing suits and boarded up the bus and vans to go to the beach! First beach trip of the session was a beautiful time and the beach was just what we needed on this muggy day. Turns out the wet air doesn't feel as wet when you're down by the ocean enjoying the sea breeze. So we had our fun beach time until it was time for burgers and hot dogs, drumming and s'mores. And of course we had to last minute dip before heading back to camp for showers and bed. Feeling so fresh and so clean, so we ought to drift off to sleep. Back here tomorrow same time? Cool.



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