June 27, 2023

Day Two With This Awesome Crew

Okay, get used to us just being in awe of and obsessed with each other because we have a feeling that's gonna stay the vibe for the whole sum. But anyway, today! Today was gorgeous despite the rainy start. We kicked things off with some fun classes. What were the classes today? So glad you asked! We had painting, Dalgona cookie baking, cloud paint creating, seated yoga flowing, and deviled egg making. Phew, what a lineup!

After we gobbled up our lunch post classes, some of us headed to the goat farm for some drumming (and some brief goat moments, but drumming was our main mission) and others headed to the beach since the sun came out for us. Loooove a major choice moment. And when they're both amazing choices, you can't choose the wrong one! Because there is no wrong one, obvi.

Once we were all chilling post our full afternoon, we had another stretch sesh and a cook in and drumming on the porch (the opposite of a cookout and drumming on the beach). It was so joyful! Take a peek at the pics and see for yourself. Off to bed, smell ya later!



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