August 27, 2022

Day Two, What'd we all do?!

Waking up at camp makes for hungry bellies, so of course, we started the day off with a delicious breaky. Then, some of us explored the great outdoors with a nature walk, while others chilled back at camp. After the hikers returned, we all set off on different morning adventures. A group of families and friends went to Native Earth Teaching Farm to jam out to some music that they played themselves, and to pet baby goats! Another crew found their true calling when they went crabbing and caught TWENTY THREE crabs (which were all then released back into the water). Others sought out retail therapy at the Chilmark Flea and Farmers Market. The artists in our bunch created masterpieces at the studio, and the last of the crew soaked up the sun on Jack’s boat! Talk about options! 

After re-feuling with some lunch, we had MORE OPTIONS of activities to enjoy. We cracked open the costume cabin and dressed up, shot for the stars (or maybe just the targets) in archery, raced around on bikes, and learned to juggle in Liam’s Circus Class. While all of this excitement was going on, we were visited by a dessert MASTER who made us the tastiest gourmet milkshakes and crepes there ever were. Seriously, they were out of this world! Once the evening rolled around, it was drumming on the beach and cookout time! Some of our friends played a WILD game of capture the (very greasy) watermelon, while the rest of us chilled out listening to the tunes while watching the sunset. 

The fun did not end there, because when we got back to camp we had dessert round 2 for the day. “BACK DOOR DONUTS!! *clap* *clap* *clap*clap* *clap*” (please imagine all of us chanting this while feasting on the most delicious fritters and donuts). And with full bellies, happy hearts, and exhausted fams, we all retreated to our cabins to rest up for MORE fun that is in store for us tomorrow. We’ll tell you all about it then!



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