June 27, 2022

DAY TWO was too good to be true!

After a super cozy night's sleep, everyone awoke from their beauty rest, got dressed, and headed down to the main cabin for breakfast. Can you say HOMEMADE MUFFINS!

After breakfast, we had a special visitor who led us through a group sound bath meditation in the studio, and boy were we RELAXED and ready to get this day! Thank you, Valerie!

From meditation, we headed right into classes.

Today we did pottery. People made all sorts of beautiful things…it was fantastic! 

We also made self-portraits with positive affirmations where we wrote all of the things we love about ourselves on our art; there wasn't enough space, but we made it work!

And….we played a very competitive game of basketball.

We made time for some lunch, then went into a very full afternoon. 

We LOVE being all together, but today we split into two groups. It was going to be three, but sailing was canceled because it was too windy…yes, too windy for sailing!

One group headed down to the beach while another went fishing on the Skipper. 

Everyone at the beach had a wonderful time hanging out together, swimming, skipping rocks, chatting, listening to music, and chilling. The people who went fishing caught so many tiny little fish.

After our afternoon full of activities, we all met up back at camp for the best quesadillas on the planet.

It was POURING rain, so we all cozied up and watched Back to the Future, the perfect ending to the perfect day, and now we are all falling asleep to the sound of rain on our cabin roofs. It's magical!



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