September 2, 2023

Day Two, The One Where We Realized We're Olympic Hopefuls

Whew, honey, we had ourselves a day! Sit down, grab yourself a coffee (Nurse Leigh recommends decaf), snuggle under a blanket (maybe out on your porch so you can breathe in that end-of-summer air, sweet peach), take a deep breath, find your center, and get ready to read about the way we live, honey.

The only way to start a day at Camp Jabberwocky is by waking up. And so, that’s just what we did. Next step? We break that fast and, honey, we break it big time. The menu? All you need to know is that it was delicious.

The families loaded up on a bus (this one was yellow — but big red will be back, never fret), they drove to the Town of Edgar, and they lived la dolce vita on a gorgeous catamaran. They sailed, they sunned (sorry Leigh!), they smelled salty air, they shared stories. We’re told they had the most gorgeous time of their lives.

A smaller group that appreciates time on land, shopped until they dropped at the  flea market. Forget Paris and New York — Martha’s Vineyard is the fashion capitol of the world.

Time for lunch! We had sandwiches by the harbor, and that salty air catalyzed our taste buds and we were tasting all that deliciousness with superhuman strength, honey.

Then, we went for a second round of shopping. The Town of Edgar has some amazing stores but none beats Lululemon. Thank you Chloe for buying every volunteer a piece of that good good Luludeliciousness! (See: picture!) The Adie family just keeps stepping up the game.

Rest and relaxation are not two things we do well here at Camp Jabberwocky but, honey, sometimes when that crow comes cawing that heads goes falling onto your pillow. We finally made good use of Jabb’s vast collection of hammocks and hit that snooze button harder than a stale loaf of bread sitting on your back porch on a Sunday morning.

Every September, America sits down to celebrate The Giving of Thanks so, honey, that’s just what we did. We had turkey, stuffing, potatoes of mash, chicken with dill (thanks to the chefs for brining it hours in advance — it was deliciousness), and green beans so that Nurse Leigh knows we are growing strong and healthy. It was an absolutely gorgeous feast, and the biggest helping we had on our plates was gratitude.

Normally, after Thanksgiving dinner, you sit back and rest that busy belly but at The Camp of Jabberwocky, we do things a little differently. We sprint and roll right into action! It was time for — drum roll please — the FAMILY OLYMPICS!!!!!

Red team, blue team, yellow team, green team….dream team! The first contest was obviously a costume contest. Everyone got on their team colors and then walked down a red carpet we made of yoga mats. It was like Hollywood, but so much cooler.

There were too many contests to go over but let’s just say every single one was highlight.

We had dessert (love ya, Patty!) and a dance party after the Olympics. Some people partied, and others rested by the fireplace. It’s called duality, honey!

By the end of this long day, we were all exhausted and we shut off the lights of our cabins more lickety split than a cats tongue catches a fly in a cornfield.

Dear reader, we love you so much that it’s painful to say goodbye but we have to get some rest so we can get ready for another action-packed day at Camp Jabberwocky. We’ll miss you to the moon in back, but we’ll return to you in 24.



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