August 8, 2022

Day Two, Stuck Like Glue (To Each Other Because We Love Each Other)

We are on cloud 9, can you tell? No joke, today was fantastic and we can't believe it was this perfect. We started our day with a chiiiiiiiill out sesh at sound bath. Once we were properly zenned out, we made out way (calmly) to classes to enjoy the upbeat vibes. Artsy, calm vibes on a Monday morn?? We're rebranding Monday mornings and we're proud of it.

After classes, we fueled up with some delicious lunch and headed to Owen Park for beach hangs and swing time. State Beach is forever, but Owen park is forMonday, you know? We even found a free library and got some good reads for the our dinner picnic!

Dinner picnic you ask? Why, yes, so glad you asked! After the park, we made our way back to camp for showers and then headed to Featherstone Center for the Arts for a lively outdoor concert and picnic. Purely fantastic! No, but actually it was incredible. Our very own Hudson even went up on stage for a number! We're back at camp after such perfection and might be found dancing in our sleep. Just maybe. Either way, see you tomorrow.



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