August 26, 2023

Day Two Randezvous

WHEW! What a day! One second we were on a catamaran, the next we're dancing like a madman!!!! But let's slow it down and break it down for you, shall we? Buckle up!

We woke up and we all STACKED some blueberry butter cake on our plates (nom nom freaking nom). We all need some protein to start the day, don't we? Then we loaded up for Edgartown because we're fancy like that. We got coffee, we went to the bookstore, we went to Vineyard Vines (like we said, fancy!), we totally took the town by storm and changed lives, not sorry about it!

After we'd seen what we needed to see, we jumped onto the sailboat and we were on in our Mamma Mia / Titanic era. (I mean, we literally broke into song and dance, y'all!) We ate some sandwiches on the boat — PB&J, tuna, and turkey. We cruised around the harbor, we caught the wind our sails (metaphorically and literally), and, boy, were we sad to say goodbye to Captain Bob.

But no time for tears. Because we had not a 6:00, not a 5:00, but a 4:00 dinner. Turkey lurkey! Nom, nom, nom. Stuffing wuffing! Nom, nom, nom. Potato tomato! And all your other fav Thanksgiving staples.

After filling our bellies (and our hearts), we got all Coachella'd up. We braided our hair and put on festival fits. (See photo: Bella, Lala, and Marlene matching and absolutely crushing the game YET AGAIN). We loaded up and some really handsome traffic cops showed us to our parking spot. The crowds parted and we ended up at the VIP entrance, because what other entrance would we go through? Then we set up some blankets and beach chairs, put on some glow sticks, and we were ready to absolutely vibe.

It's hard to pick a highlight of such a frabjous day, but here's one: Chadwick Stokes of Dispatch gave Jabberwocky not one but two shout-outs in front of the huge crowd. Yeah, that's us! Yeah, we'll give you some autographs! 

After the concert, we got the puzzles out, we got the board games out, we got the PJ's out, we got the love out...because that's how we do. Hopefully this blogalish gave you a lil piece of that love.



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